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Although Methanopaharma is newly established, it has been in the Turkish pharmaceutical and health sector in 20 years.  thanks to our experience and strong relationships  soon  through our collaborations and partnerships  We are proud. Our goal is to cooperate with leading global and local pharmaceutical companies.  and to increase our contribution to unmet patient needs with the products and services we provide, by developing our partnerships.

Our areas of expertise:

   *  Rare Diseases  

   * Inpatient products 

Our most important priority is to diversify and improve the quality of service in this area and to contribute to the health sector with a patient-oriented approach.

Contact us for who we are, what we do and our strong references.


As Metanopharma,


To be the leading reliable business partner.       


As Metanopharma,


As a company that is proud of serving human health and our patients, it is to bring new products and treatments together with innovative treatments to our patients who need treatment with local and global collaborations.         

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